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Easy Meditation

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Written by Steve   
Thursday, 11 September 2008 00:00

Some people find meditation easy and take to it like a duck to water. But many people find meditation difficult to learn and master. If you have ever tried meditation before then you may have been one of the many people who have experienced difficulties. Breathing techniques, mantras, focusing on candles or mandalas. It can all be a bit tricky to master and can take many years of practice before you become any good at it. Some people even find it tedious and boring.

Meditation can seem like a bit of a contradiction. Relax but concentrate. Clear your mind but focus on your breathing or a mantra. I have been meditating for over 20 years using a very popular traditional meditation technique. It involves reciting a mantra over and over in your mind. It's actually quite a good way to meditate but even after all these years I still sometimes have problems doing it. And it took quite a while before I started experiencing any benefits. My wife had started meditating about the same time as me but gave up because she found it hard to stick to. Once you stop you lose a lot of the momentum you gained, and have to start again to a certain extent.

Easy Meditation with Mindwaves

What is Meditation Anyway?

Meditation is a form of deep relaxation.  When you meditate, your mind and body relaxes.  Your mind slows down and starts generating brainwaves at lower frequencies.  An experienced meditator's brain typically slows down to Alpha (8 - 12 Hz), and advanced meditators can go down to Theta level (3 - 8 Hz).

One day I thought to myself "there must be an easier way", especially for people that find it hard (like my wife).  After trying other forms of traditional meditation and finding them all very similar in that they still require discipline and years of practice, I started looking elsewhere.  Having a background in electronic engineering and many years of experience in the IT industry with hardware and software, my mind turned to technology for possible answers.  After a lot of research and experimenting with various things I found the answer: brainwave entrainment.

What is brainwave entrainment?  Glad you asked. Smile  Put simply, it's a method of stimulating your brain with sound patterns to produce specific neural activity and responses.  Through the use of special frequencies embedded into various sounds, we can produce very specific rhythms in your brain.  Once the brain has synchronized with these rhythms, changing the frequency of the sound patterns will cause your brain to follow. So for instance, to help you relax we create sound patterns that stimulate frequencies in your mind at the Theta level, the same level advanced meditators reach after years of practice.The difference is, you can reach these levels of relaxation from day one.

Easy Meditation by Mindwaves
Now, there are a whole bunch of products out there that can help you relax, including some that use some form of brainwave entrainment. You may have heard of binaural beats before. If you search for binaural beats on the Internet you will probably find hundreds of meditation CDs and downloads of varying degrees of quality and effectiveness. One of the reasons for this is binural beats are the easiest to produce. Although binaural beats can be effective (when they are done correctly), we believe there are much more effective technologies and methods available. After lots and lots (and lots) of experimentation we have refined our own system for creating these sound patterns and packaging them into a range of very easy to use and effective meditation tracks. We call our technology Mindwaves.


We don't use just one entrainment method though, like binaural beats.  We have a whole arsenal of methods because we realize that everyone is different and can respond differently to each method.  That's why you'll find that some of our products use Harmonic Box X, while others use isochronic tones, etc.  The entrainment frequencies are overlayed onto high quality recordings of nature, which in themselves are relaxing, or precision generated white noise.  The result is meditation tracks that are naturally relaxing.  We try to cater for everyone so that no matter what you respond to or feel comfortable with, we'll have something for you.

It doesn't end there though.  We are continually researching, refining and enhancing our techniques and methods, using the latest, leading-edge technologies as they become available.  You'll find over the coming months and years that we'll be adding more and more meditation products as we introduce even newer technologies and discover even better ways for you to reach those deep levels of relaxation easily.

So if you're looking for easy meditation you've come to the right place. Our aim is to make meditation for you as easy as possible.  And we're continually working to make it even easier, if it's at all possible.  Our slogan and motto is meditation without effort.

To help you start meditating right now we're offering a free meditation you can download right now.  Why not give it a try and start enjoying the many benefits of meditation without all of the practice and effort.

Free Meditation Download