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Mindwaves MindClub


Join MindClub and get special offers, big discounts and more!

As a MindClub member you will receive very special offers and big discounts on Mindwaves products. You will find out about new products before they are released, and from time-to-time you will have the opportunity to participate in special test groups for new cutting edge products we have under development.

You will be able to purchase new meditations before they are publicly available (at a discount of course), and you will be able to get some exclusive products that are available only to MindClub members.

On top of all that, every now and then we'll even give you some stuff for free.

The best news is it costs nothing to join. That's right, it's absolutely free.

But that's just the beginning.

We'll give you huge discounts on new products as they are released (remember, you get to see them first). We may even add some of them to the MindPack so you get them for nothing, further increasing the savings you make.

And here's the big one.

We'll give you a chance to get a whopping 50% discount off the new DeepMind system when it is released. That might not mean a lot to you right now but, believe me, that is a massive saving! That's all I'm allowed to say about that right now (I've already said too much) but it's going to blow your socks off!

Did I mention it's totally free to join MindClub?

Just to reiterate, you get all of these benefits at no additional cost. MindClub is totally free to join so why not join right now. You just might receive your first special offer today. Fill in your details below. By the way, you'll notice that we ask for your birthday date - you do like birthday presents, don't you?

A word of warning

I should point out that many of the special offers are once-off, never-to-be-repeated, limited-time offers, so it's a good idea to sign up right away. Wait too long and you will probably miss out on something really, really good.

Still need more convincing?

Why not sign up anyway and try it out. There are no obligations, no catches, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Here's the easy to complete membership form.

It only takes a minute to fill in the form. And you'll be a MindClub member a couple of minutes after that. Let's get started...

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*  Birthday:
*  Your email address:
*  Enter the security code shown:

Very Important Information About Your Privacy

We hate spammers. I mean we really, really, really hate spammers. That's why we would absolutely never, ever, ever, never, ever give your details to anyone. Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you so rest assured that the information you enter above isn't going anywhere.